Courtesy of Thomas Thwaites


‘Tombtree’ is an alternative monument to commemorate the deceased through physical interactions. As this climbing structure has hand-helds and a seat associated with the intimate interactions that we used to have with the deceased, for example, sitting on my father’s shoulder, Tombtree prompts reminiscences engraved in our bodies, imprints the deceased clearly, and makes us experience the deceased more vividly in the climbing process.

Since we do not forget what we learned through our bodies, for example, riding a bike, as procedural memories engraved in our unconsciousness, intimate interactions with the deceased reside in our bodies although we may forget what it feels like in our heads, whereas we mostly rely on visual memories through a tombstone or pictures as conscious recalling process. Physical interactions, however, may conjure new dimensional memories by stimulating unconsciousness.

GROUP EXHIBITION, Graduate ID studio show, Providence, RI, 12/5 – 12/12, 2018