The Coral: home algae farming


‘The Coral’ is an indoor micro-algae farm designed to rebuild a relationship with algae, critical for sustainability yet unappreciated part of nature, in our everyday lives. This wall-mounted bioreactor proposes a daily ritual for algae consumption for a sustainable alternative of nutritional diets. The Coral also highlights algae’s environmental benefits through a symbol of revitalizing coral from ‘coral bleaching.’ Besides, the representation augments an indoor experience, allowing us to welcome the algae farm at home for aesthetic purposes. The Coral suggests a socially acceptable way of bringing algae, which helps us take one step forward to a better sustainable way of living.

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AWARD || Dezeen Awards 2019 LonglistDesign that Educates 2020INDUSTART 2019

EXHIBITION || Dutch Design Week 2019, Dubai Design Week 2019, Elle Deco Italia