Caffe Zen


Drinking coffee becomes an everyday ritual for people. In many cases, however, we drink coffee for other purposes: waking up, fueling for study or work, not drinking coffee for its own taste although we “pretend” to appreciate the taste of coffee with lots of ‘flowery words’ such as earthy aroma or full-body with a hint of chocolate, like a wine. Let’s ask ourselves: how often do we drink coffee only for appreciation of its taste?

Caffe Zen is a coffee maker intended to stretch out the coffee making process to the utmost as opposed to a one-button electric coffee grinder. Through the extended process, it creates multiple sensory experience beyond the taste, such as touching coffee beans, vibrating stones while grinding, inhaling aroma from grounds, dripping sounds from a bamboo tip, and feeling tranquility like being in a zen-garden. As opposed to the quick-and-easy quaffing culture, it suggests an alternative ritual for experience coffee in our lives.